All About The Glamour World

The most apparent glamorous profession in the world is undoubtedly modeling. What does first strike us, when we hear the term “glamour world”? The flashlights, camera, projections, ramp shows, a variety of brands, trends, style statement, models, paparazzi and many other attractions. When we talk about the “glamour world” we have to know about the four levels of the industry.
• Fibers and Textiles; Leathers and Furs
• Production of raw materials
• Designing the stylized goods-the dresses, the accessories, the set
• Finally, the retail sale, the Advertising and the Marketing.
How was it developed?
It was only after the invention of the sewing machine the so-called clothes marketing was initiated. Earlier it was basically, homemade clothes and the traditional attires. It was only after the twentieth century, the experimentation with the designing of the clothes was invented. However, we had fabrics like muslin, silk, cotton, khadi that prevailed in the market since no time. But experimentation with them started only in the modern times. Slowly, with the rise of globalized Capitalism, the evolution of Factory System and the Proliferation of retail outlets the fashion industry dared to extend its arms. The different experimentations with the fabrics, creating color combinations for all tastes and finally the marketing. However, this industry till date is the most struggling industries in the world. This industry has by far given the largest employment in the US and all developed and developing countries have at least 20% of the population working under this roof.
Key sectors under glamour world
The Singapore fashion industry is like- the cloth may come from China; the design may be from Vietnam, the marketing and the branding may be of America and the promotion may be held on the ramps of Paris. Thus, the entire world is entangled with the industry, giving food to many.

Production of raw materials
The key product of this sector is the clothes which are made up of different fabrics. These fabrics come from different small scale industry across the world. Even before weaving the fabrics are either taken up from the plantation or taken out from worms. The people working at the basic initial level may be the least paid. But if they did their work carelessly, the Paris Fashion Week couldn’t be successful.
Manufacturing and designing
After the material is made, the work of the designer is to design it according to the consumer demands. The tastes of the worldwide consumer have to be kept in mind while working. The best brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes Paris, Armani, D&G, and Polo all have been the best brands due to their farsightedness on consumer demands.
Marketing, fashion retailing and merchandising
The better the company understands these three terms of business, the better the business will move on. After the clothes are designed and made readymade, it has to be spread in the market to reach the customers. Different brands and outlets have different marketing strategies. They move accordingly in order to increase sales and profit of the company.
The ramp shows
The final stage of this industry is the ramp show. The companies promote their brand not only to the retailers, but also directly to the customers and media through this medium. Thus, the ramps don’t only play an important role in the lives of the model to build their career, but also it is an important evening for their brands. Milan, Paris, London, New York, Singapore are some important places which organize few best ramp shows in the world.