Best Things To Do At Tioman Island

If you are looking for the best of the best things to do at tioman islands, we have picked it for you in this article, there are so many activities you can do. From exploring nature to diving and many more exciting stuff.

Paya beach

This is one of the best places you need to check out while you visit Pulau Tioman. The environment is so beautiful that you will completely fall in love with it. It will sooth your mind, and there is more. You can also make it even better by getting a massage and also you can enjoy a cocktail by the ocean while you watch the sun sinking in to sea.


For those tourists who just basically loves adventures, this is for you.  Tioman offers you great rates of diving, where you can dive among the fish and experience the marine life. It gets even better, for those tourists who stays for over 5 days at tioman islands, are offered island diving license for RM1000. Which is pretty cheap when comparing to normal license rats in Malaysia. There are diving schools made to give you the perfect experience.

 Enjoy nature

You might be not into adventurous things much but more into relaxing. Well tioman offer the best waterfalls where you can just sit somewhere peacefully and relax among the fresh air. You can visit some waterfall through boats which is pretty amazing and of course, there are short treks for these falls as well.


I did mention this before, but it really is a great thing to be doing at your Tioman resort. Some resorts not only offers you to enjoy the beautiful sun set and have a cocktail while the night sets in, If you are here with a partner, a lover then this is very romantic. Moreover, some resorts offer gold courses for those who loves to golf.

 Asian taste

For those food lovers, here’s the chance to taste the divine flavors of Asia. Tioman has a wide range of sea cuisines and many local shops opened just for you to get that great experience. I can assure you, the spices and the great aroma will leave your taste buds wanting more. And of course, while there are some who just wants to try eating local dishes, there are some who just wants to have a part of themselves in a foreign island, which is why tioman also has bars and small coffee shops to make yourself comfortable.

 You can also buy memorable gifts and also go sightseeing while you are here. Not to worry, there are plenty of other things to do as well. Hope you enjoy!