How The Internet Has Changed Marketing Tactics For The Better

The internet has become a global marketing platform for any company that is smart enough to exploit this great opportunity of reaching millions of people with just one image or video. With the ability to take a product or service right in front of the eyes of consumers, marketing, more specifically advertising, has been changed forever. Here are a few ways that the field of marketing has developed and benefited from the growing connectivity of the masses to the internet;

The Clever Use of Social Media

Many companies use the social media to market their products with greater ease and lower costs. Direct advertisements on social media websites such as Facebook is the most common and apparent method. Companies also use promotional slogans, images and videos on other sites such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Most brands have got creative with the way they market products by using brand ambassadors such as actors and athletes to wear their products and post pictures of themselves on social media websites, without directly putting up a billboard or making an advertisement.

Short Advertisements that are Actually Worth Watching

Branded content presented in this manner is actually an upgrade from the sometimes mind-numbing advertisements that are broadcasted on the television and other forms of media.

With video advertisements, you also have the choice of closing the video and moving on in case you are not interested in the branded content that is on display in front of your eyes. This is not an option that is available to you if you were listening to the radio or watching TV because there you have no choice but to listen to or watch the ads in between the programme you are watching, unless you don’t mind switching frequently between channels just to avoid these ads.

Pop-Ups that Pop Up in the Right Places

Pop-up advertisements can be a nuisance sometimes if you are trying to get a very important task done in a hurry, which requires proper concentration. This is because your attention deviates from the work at hand to what comes up suddenly on your computer screen, most of the time reading or showing something very tempting to look at as opposed to what you are doing. If they pop up at the right time, these advertisements can actually lead to viewers being able to get good online deals and discounts on products.

The Helpful Redirections

Sometimes while you are surfing the web, you come across a link or image that redirects you to another website that is in almost all cases a transactional one on which you can buy goods. This can be helpful if you are interested in finding out more about a product or brand that you have been keeping a close watch on. If you are not interested in the subject matter you have been redirected to, you can simply close the webpage and continue with your personal work.