How To Grab The Hard Workers When Recruiting

One of the hardest things about being an owner of a business is ending up hiring the wrong people for your company. While this happens unknowingly in most scenarios, there are times when you would end up hiring people who has sub-par qualifications due to your desperation. It is something that every owner or CEO has gone through at least once in their lifetimes. So here are some tips to get the hard working individuals in the job market and entice them into your company.

● Going for the marketing strategy

If you want to send out your vacancy advertisements into a wide audience and capture as many eyes as possible then you will need to make the recruiting activity into a ‘whole day everyday activity’ until you get your dream employee. Make sure to have either a software system or a person in charge of checking the potentials incoming at your human resources office or department. Make sure to have someone responsible as it will affect your business planning and development goals when hiring new people.

● Do not just send out advertisements when someone quits

If you end up hiring just because someone in your company quit and you need to fill out that hole opened up as soon as possible, you will end up not getting to interview or see the Curriculum vitae of half the people who would be the best fit for the job. Usually employers tend to be hurried, impatient and pressured to hire someone quickly when there is an empty spot that needs to be filled fast in the company. So it is best to keep your eyes out while all the employees needed are in the company and hire a potential on a part time basis or a trainee basis. It does not hurt to have an extra employee when the work ends up overwhelming.

● Make it easier for the potentials to line up at your door

If you do not want to end up with nobody showing up at your human resources office, then you need to give simple but effective ways where your potential candidate can contact your recruiting officers or yourself for further information or to send their curriculum vitae. You will need to be able to accept calls, emails, faxes and other questions throughout the day and even after office hours. Sometimes your potentials might not be only unemployed, but also the employed looking for a better opportunity. Be careful about the screening process and make sure to keep a specific number of people to hire in your mind and check it with your business planning and development timeline.

Make sure to use the best of the internet and also printed media in tandem for sending out your vacancy advertisements to gather as many potentials as possible.