Optimize The Use Of Social Media Pages To Develop Your Dental Practice

For those who are dentists, like in any other profession, it is tempting to set up and do much with your social media pages in order to promote your profession as well. However, there needs to be a fine line drawn between the personal, social media pages you maintain and the ones you set up for your clients and customers. Here are some tips to follow to ensure that you do not commit common mistakes and are able to use the social media pages optimally and not let it jeopardize your practice.

Keep the two accounts separate

Even though most professionals who deal with dental crown realize the importance of setting their personal account apart from the professional one, there are common mistakes that can be made which can lead to exposure of your private social media pages. For these reasons it is necessary to check the privacy settings of your personal page and ensure that only your followers or friends can see your private listings and posts, and not your clients who might look up your personal FB or Twitter page.

Leverage the professional social media accounts

Most professionals who start off their social media pages for their professional service like dental crown services often lag behind in updating these pages, putting up the informative posts about upcoming activities and other useful information which can help to keep the customers and clients engaged who have signed up to be followers on these accounts.

Posts to keep the followers engaged

You might not have exciting information about dental checkups and camps at your dental clinic every other day to engage your followers and customers with. However, putting up meaningful posts on how oral hygiene needs to be maintained or latest news about dental health can be useful posts that will keep your social media account buzzing with activity and act as a source of useful information to your followers. You can ask for comments on meaningful posts and topics so that people interact more on your site and share the topics and posts with others.

Interlink with others in your community

By helping others in your community you can leverage your presence as well. For instance, posting your doctor friend’s surgery practice or cosmetic dental clinic details will surely be of relevance and provide useful information to your followers. It is also a way of recommending others in similar profession and helps to market their services and practices as well. Reports show that recommendations of doctors are likely to be considered much more than general reviews on forums. With these points one can leverage their professional social media pages and keep the views up which will be good for the practice.