The Benefits Of Appointing Or Hiring A Secretary In Your Company

With the introduction of the Companies Act 2006, private companies no longer need to appoint formal secretaries. Despite the fact, secretarial works still needs to be carried out, irrespective to the company’s nature of being private or public. And not keeping in mind that company laws are to be followed and still need to be executed, people overlook the need of a secretary considering the job to be least significant with little to no relevance.
The secretary of a company has a vast array of duties to take care of. And hence hiring a secretary or hiring company secretarial services is really a wise as well as worthy decision.Some of the duties that a company secretary has to fulfill are highlighted below. You can have a look at these job responsibilities and duties of a company secretary before you go for hiring company secretarial services.
The 4 areas where a company secretary can help you
The secretary of a company will usually keep track of the company’s mandatory registers including the maintenance of a register of members. According to these documents the ownership rights of the company can be determined. It’s not any certificate of shares or the records at company’s house or any contract that estimates this, but the record keeping of members. There have been many instances when ill kept records have led to a chaos raising questions about the ownership of the company which sometimes gave out dire consequences.
Company Law
When it comes to serving advice to the company directors on the major elements of the company law, a company secretary is indispensable. This might even encapsulate the requirements for a dividend declaration; issuing of newer shares and stocks or help in various decision-makings. If not well-advised, the consequences of the director’s decision might turn out to be invalid or even criminally offensive.
Corporate Governance
A good governance of corporate issues is a key element for ensuring the smooth running of a company. It will also assure that shareholders’ interests are duly guarded. If a professional company secretary renders services to the director’s decision, it will not only ensure that the legality, but also serve the best interest of the shareholders.
Company Records
It is the generally the secretary who is in charge of the company’s records. In case of companies lagging behind in development or with small-scale arrangements, records are often left to risk of unfortunate consequence if the company relies on the questionable mental strength of a few individuals rather than properly kept records.
The company secretaries’ role largely depends on the requirement of the company and it’s often be a lot more complex and mind-numbing, irrespective to whether their job seem negligibly insignificant, but they are the indispensable.