The Different Types Of Grease Interceptors

Kitchen drains are something that frequently trouble the occupants of a home, because they are the drains that tend to give a lot of trouble. Since this is the drain through which a lot of waste water containing a lot of kitchen waste and grease passes through these drains are more susceptible to getting blocked, and this does happen quite frequently in most households. So what can be done to put an end to the problem, because nobody likes it when they have to deal with dirty water floating around in their sinks. They want the water to drain out as soon as possible, and nobody also wants to be cleaning out the drains on a regular basis, and most people would love to have a solution to the problem. Maybe we have gotten something for you that will save you from this trouble. Read on to find out what it is. grease traps singapore

Well, the solution to your problem is something called commercial kitchen grease traps or a grease interceptor. This device is something through which all the kitchen waste water flows through before it gets into the main sewage system. So it helps to trap all the grease in the water that is flowing through it, preventing the grease from building up and clogging the drains in the long run, because most often than not it is the grease, oils and fats that are present in the kitchen water that gives the trouble by adhering to the walls of the drain pipe along which it flows thereby gradually narrowing the diameter of the pipe and ultimately leading to a block.  

There are many different types of interceptors that can be used with the kitchen floortrap choke. You get the hydro mechanical interceptors which are the ones which are commonly used. And they are found directly beneath the kitchen sink or in the kitchen floor. Then you have the gravity grease interceptors which are commonly made out of steel, but they can even be made out of glass or plastic. Then you have the automatic grease recovery systems which are units that cos higher but unlike the other systems they don’t cost all that much to maintain because the grease from them doesn’t need to be pumped out all that often. So this is something that is ideal for a set up where there is high waste production such as the food industry. You can view more here

These devices have proven to be quite effective in solving the issues for many households, and if you want to try your hand at it now might be the time to do it.