The Importance Of Product Packaging

Whether you are a startup company or a fully fledged business the product packaging plays a major role in brand recognition. Everybody loves to feel important and special if you can give that to the customers through your product packaging you can be a success. Here are few reasons why the product packaging is an important part in a business.

Brand name

Brand is the definition of the company. For any business main thing is to build a brand name and maintain that. If you are a startup company you need to focus on building a brand. Packaging of the products is one way to do that. For example let’s say if you are tea manufacturer with a small scale tea estate, you can still make your tea looks and feels luxurious to the customers through packaging. You can use mooncake boxes, tin boxes with a nice print on them to give the customers an elegant feeling. People mostly buy products based on the packaging. If the packing is not appealing they won’t buy. You need to be able to create uniqueness through the packaging. Many companies has their own distinct way of wrapping their products.


When a customer is looking through the products on the aisles the packaging should be attractive and it should differentiate your product from the rest. For example if you are a biscuit manufacturer there are many other competitors and to make your product stand out you need to use a special packaging. You can use colorful mooncake boxes store your biscuits. There are many different shapes and sizes. These boxes give a very nice personalized effect. You can put your logo and details on the back of the box and make the box look more colorful on the front. This helps to differentiate the product from others and you can even copy right your packaging ideas.


The purpose of packaging is to protect the goods inside. While you are trying to create a brand name and make the product attractive the purpose should not be lost in the way. You need to be smart when packaging products. For example if you are a dairy producer, and you need to find packaging for milk, you can’t put the milk in inappropriate tins and cans, as it needs to be in a plastic or box and the details should be clearly written. So the packaging should not outlive the purpose of the packaging. Make sure to put the required details such as the nutritional values, expiration dates and other details.