Tips For Making The CSR Event Stand Out

Many companies starting from medium scale to multinational focuses on corporate social responsibility events. Most of these are done to promote the company. But since all the companies are engaging in CSR activities it is difficult to compete in that as well and to make the company stand out. Here are few ways to make your company’s CSR activity stand out among the crowd.


All the major companies have a website dedicated for their companies. Whenever there is a new CSR project comes up post in on the website. Use appropriate corporate photography to promote the event before it happens. Creating hype through the internet would make every one talk about the project. For example if you are engaging in a tree planting event, write the importance of planting more trees and why everyone should do it. And what steps have you taken as a company to make sure that those causes are met. Etc. If you have previously engaged in such events post the photos of them as well. People love sharing these types of things on pinterest and facebook. Make sure you have a link create din the website for the article to be shred.

Voice cutsThis is a new form of marketing and advertising to take voice cuts as a video. Get your staff who are planning to engage in the CSR activity do a small video about it, speak about why its important and have them stage their individual opinion about the campaign. It is a strong form of sending a message. Make sure this is posted al over your website, facebook page and other social media sites and on the national channels. If possible invite people to come and engage in the event as well, this way you can promote your products as well.

Use a lot of media

Media is a strong form of influence than anything else. Make sure to get news crews and media channels to come and cover the programme. Event should be covered using a corporate photography team and photos should be posted in the papers and your website. More people get to know about it more will know about the company and its values. Spend a little more on advertising your event make sure the news crews cover the important parts of it. Do a bit of a flash back as well, if you have done previous CSR activities make sure to show the effects of that as well, showing that you are working towards a good cause and it is working.

Nowadays customers love to believe that they are a part of a bigger cause, if you can make them believe that you as a company are trying to do well then they will naturally be attracted to the brand. See this link for more information about studio photography Singapore.