Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Clean And Organized

Bedroom is a crucial part of the house. This is where you sleep and get some rest. It is important that the bedroom is kept clean and clutter free. For most of you it may be a difficult task to keep the bed room clean. Here are few ways to keep it tidy.

Sort out the storage

Most of the time the main reason why your bedroom is a mess is because you don’t have enough storage space to put all your things. One of the easiest ways to solve this is to get a lemari pakaian minimalis. These are bedroom closets made with simplicity. The simple but elegant design will give you plenty of room to put your clothes, shoes and various other clothing items in the cupboards. So you no longer have to keep putting the extra cloths and shoes all over the room.

Reduce the furniture

Another reason why the bedroom may seem impossible to clean is that it has too many pieces of quality furniture are there. If you have several cupboards in the room, get rid of them and replace them with one lemari pakaian minimalis. These include all the bedroom needs from closet to shoe rack. You can use one big cupboard instead of several and save some space. Also get rid of any stools and tables in the room. Keep one bedside table and a lamp and put all you shelves to another room and convert that room in to a reading room. Bedroom is for sleeping.

Don’t put your shoes lying around

Shoes are meant to worn outside. If you are a person who travels in public transport a lot, you shouldn’t bring the dirty shoes into the bedroom. Not only this will bring mud and dirt to the room it will also bring various germs. Keep them at the door. Keep a shoe rack to put your day to day shoes in it. If you are living for rent in a room and you are required to keep your belongings in the room, then you can wipe the bottom of the shoe with a wet cloth and put them in the shoe rack in the room.


If you have the habit of piling up dirty laundry on the chair in the room, this can make the room look very messy. Make a habit of putting them in the washing machine or buy a laundry basket and put them in the laundry basket. The same rule goes to the washed and cleaned laundry. As soon as they are dry put them inside the cupboard instead of piling them on a table or a chair.