Why You Should Take Part In After School Activities

School life is a defining time in any person’s life. Whether good or bad, these few years teach us more than any classroom could ever teach us in our lifetime. This is exactly why you should spend an equal amount out of the class room as you would spend inside the classroom, that’s right, after school activities. For some, this might be something that the preppy kids do to pad up their university applications. That maybe right, it does look good on an application whether for a university or a job. But these programs are about more than that, they play a vital part in a young person’s life which will mold them for their future.

One argument made against after school activities in private is that there is no time. You might learn what you need to know to pass an exam in your science home tuition class but there are somethings you can’t learn in a classroom. In life, we are rarely faced with the problems taught to us in the classroom. Up until now no one has asked me the Pythagorean Theorem or to find sin. But however, I have been in many situations where deadlines have been moved up and team members not seeing eye to eye. I am not saying that what we learn in the classroom is worthless, on the contrary, it has a great deal of value. But to get through in real life, you need out of the classroom experiences as well. This is what these after school programs give you. They give you a taste of what awaits in the real world.

Taking part in after school activities give you independence, sort of. All our lives we are faced with preapproved habits. We rarely go out of our comfort zone but this is a platform where you can come out of that shell. Maybe you like to sing but never tried it, maybe you would like to give debating a go or maybe you think you have a shot getting into the basketball team. The beauty is, you can try it and if you don’t like it, forget it but if you like it, your life will be altered forever. You won’t find the opportunity to do that in a science home tuition class.

When we look back at our school years, very rarely do we remember what we learnt. What we do remember is our friends, the good, the bad and the memories. Among all of that we will all have those defining moments which when we look back at we know that that is where it all changed.